Huge Discount on AC Servicing and AC Repairing by AC Engineer Delhi

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Air Conditioner is the need of the hour. But people always get worried about its installation, repairing, servicing, and the excessive cost associated with it. Besides this, one more point of worry is the local inexperienced servicemen, who might cause the problem to AC while servicing it.

If you are two experiencing this dilemma then relax! AC Engineer Delhi is here you to offer a huge discount on AC servicing and AC repairing and guarantees for reliable services.

Here’s the List of Huge Discount on AC Servicing and AC Repairing

Getting AC services is not a big hoop to jump through. You can get it surely in your local area. But the question here is, are those low-cost services and rich in quality that you don’t need to get your AC repaired after getting the services once? Of course not! Local service providers make everything messed up and they even convince the customers that they have to take services of local service provider every month for the smooth working of AC.

But let us aware you, this is absolutely not so. If you get the services from the renowned service provider, AC Engineer Delhi, then you will not require repair and maintenance of your AC spontaneously. Besides providing quality services, we are offering you huge discounts on AC servicing an AC repairing.

Here’s the list of discounts on our services:

  • AC Servicing – 25%
  • AC Installation – 20%
  • AC Gas Filling – 10%
  • AC Repairing – 10%
  • AC Maintenance – 50%

Besides getting discounts on AC repairing, AC servicing discounts or alike matters, AC Engineer Delhi is here to offer all sorts of services at the least possible prices with these flat discounts:

  • Washing Machine Repairing- 10%
  • Washing Machine Servicing – 25%
  • Refrigeration Servicing – 25%
  • Refrigeration Gas Filling – 10%
  • Refrigeration Repairing- 10%

So, along with getting huge discounts on AC servicing and AC repairing, you will get discounts on the refrigerator and washing machine servicing.

But you can get these discounts only if:

  • You are residing in Delhi NCR as these discounts are available only for Delhi NCR
  • You are a first time user of AC Engineer Delhi

We are dedicated to our agenda of serving customers with the best possible efforts and eventually attain customer satisfaction. We keep our prices low and of course customer friendly so that they find our services’ value more than the worth they actually spent.

In the entire region of Delhi NCR, our services are available and no matter, what AC model you have, either its window or split, we are just the best. We assist you in getting the best AC experience with the top AC servicing and all other related services.

So, if the above-mentioned conditions are getting satisfied, then you can contact us instantly by calling on 9990105316 & 9990065316 or visiting directly to us at our outlet for huge discounts on AC servicing and AC repairing.