What is Android TV, how does it work, and which devices offer it

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At the point when Google close down Google TV a few years ago, it replaced the platform with something totally extraordinary: Android TV.

It seems to be doing reasonably well, has been generally welcomed by both developers and producers alike. Google TV had an absence of applications, yet Android TV approaches the Google Play Store, so developers with a mobile app easily apply some modifications to make an Android TV app. Also, Android TV has Google Cast support. More or less, Android TV is basically Android optimized for the big screen.

It is anything but difficult to operate can be controlled by voice, and has more applications than Google TV. Here’s all that you have to think about it, including how it works, when you can utilize it, and which devices offer it.

What is Android TV?

Basically, Android TV is intended to bring the sorts of things you appreciate on your phone to your TV. That doesn’t mean you’ll accept calls through your TV or trawling through messages, yet it’s about the simplicity of route, access to excitement and straightforward intelligence. It’s tied in with making your TV smart and doing it with an interface that’s recognizable and simple to utilize.

It offers voice controls and gives you control crosswise over different gadgets, similar to your Android telephone and Android Wear watch. The card-based interface carries on naturally, making it less demanding to do the things you need to manage without a tangled menu framework. Essential entertainment apps are available, and there’s the open door for Android’s application developers to adjust applications for the big screen experience understanding. That can be anything from data information services like weather, through to gaming. Android TV lets you rapidly tweak your TV’s substance to suit you.

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How does Android TV work


Android TV is easy to learn and utilize. When you start up your TV or set-top box, you’ll see the main screen/home screen. It is loaded up with a vertical stream of rows, and you explore through each line from left to right. The best line is the Content Discovery bar, which features proposed content from prevalent applications you utilize. You may see instructional on YouTube or The Walking Dead from Google Play TV and Movies.

2.Voice search

Support up somewhat, comfortable best of the interface, you’ll see the search utility. Android TV supports voice commands, as long as you have the vital equipment that’ll enable Android TV to hear you. Truth be told, the whole interface is based around voice-activated searching, which you can use through the single click remotes, similar to Sony’s One-Flick remote with an inherent mic. Just tap on it to begin your search.

3.Apps and content

Presently, back to the vertical lines on the home screen. The second line is a list of featured apps, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, and so forth. On select TVs and gadgets, you may likewise observe the manufacturer’s apps. On Sony TVs, for example, you will get Sony Select, an entrance to a choice of applications that you can likewise access in the Google Play Store on Android TV. Confusing, we know.


Below the Apps row, you’ll see a list of all the games you’ve downloaded. Android TV underpins single-player, multi-player, on the web, and offline gaming. You can utilize something like four gamepads, Android telephones, or tablets on the double while going up against companions. You can likewise complete a level on your phone and play the following one on your TV, as Google Play Games saves your progress.


The last row on the home screen isn’t necessarily a row but rather a commitment zone where you can click to access settings, clocks, and help guides. On the off chance that you enter the Settings option, you’ll see smart TV settings, for example, Channel Setup, External Inputs, Display, Sound, and in addition Network and Accessories menus for Google Cast, Bluetooth (so you can include a gadget), and System Preferences and so forth.


One of the coolest highlights on Android TV is the capacity to utilize it for casting. Android TV accompanies Chromecast worked in.

If you don’t own an Android TV-compatible television, yet need to cast content from your laptop or cell phone to your TV, you have to purchase a Chromecast HDMI dongle from Google and fitting it into your TV. But not if you own an Android TV-powered television or set-top box. With one, you can send everything from films and music to significantly program tabs to your TV.

There’s no Chromecast HDMI dongle required. Simply tap the Cast catch on your versatile application to begin playing on your TV.

When can you use Android TV?

Android TV propelled in October 2014 by means of the Nexus Player (Google and Asus’ $99 set-top box that associated with a TV), however a few different organizations – including Sony, Philips, and Sharp – later divulged new brilliant TVs running Android TV at CES in January 2015. Since then, some of those manufacturers have scaled back. All things considered, there are new Android TV-perfect items you can purchase now.

Which devices offer Android TV?

You following TVs and set-top boxes are controlled by Android TV and are currently accessible for procurement:

  1. Sharp AQUOS TVs
  2. Sony Bravia TVs
  3. Xiaomi Mi Box set-top box
  4. Nvidia Shield set-top box/reassure
  5. Razer Forge TV set-top box

What are the Android TV alternatives?

LG swung to WebOS in 2014 for its TV interface on its best TVs and the outcomes were phenomenal. Samsung, then again, has been pushing a stage it’s vigorously put resources into Tizen. Panasonic even swung to Firefox OS for its sets. In any case, in case you’re after another, shrewd TV, most producers present their own interfaces.

Android TV versus Samsung Tizen versus Firefox OS versus LG webOS

Another enemy to Android TV is contending set-top boxes from any semblance of Apple, Roku, and Amazon. While Roku devices try to be neutral and present access to content stores from Google and Amazon, Apple TV limits clients to Apple’s very own products. Amazon Fire TV gadgets additionally intensely push Amazon Prime Video and Amazon’s own administrations first.

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